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Monk Fan Community

It's a jungle out there

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This is a community for fans of USA Network's hit crime/detective show, Monk, now in its fourth season. Make yourself at home, and enjoy chatting with other fans!

Please also note the following policies:

1) All spoilers must be behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to use lj-cuts, consult the Livejournal FAQ.
2) After a new episode airs, only one "new episode" post per day is allowed (to keep down the number of posts and keep discussion focused, etc). Other types of posts are not subject to this.
3) All posts must be Monk-related (or posts about the show's actors). The only exception is "holiday greeting"-type posts.

Any posts that violate these policies will be deleted without notice.

In the interest of making this community enjoyable for everyone, any troublemakers will be disposed of. ^_^ Thanks.

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